Volunteer Opportunities

Expert Witnesses

We often utilize expert witnesses for case consultation and case analysis, who are kind enough to work pro bono or at a reduced rate. In addition, every year we invite experts to educate our students on their particular expertise. This is an invaluable experience to the clinic students to learn from real-life professionals on real-life issues. Our students leave the California Innocence Project with a plethora of knowledge across all fields of forensic science. If interested, please click the link below, fill out the form, and note your expertise.

Attorney Volunteers

We have several hundred volunteer attorneys assisting us in a variety of ways. The most basic volunteer opportunity involves initial case screening to determine whether the California Innocence Project should conduct a full-blown investigation. Our more seasoned volunteer attorneys partner with us on case representation. Please click the link below & fill out the form.

Pro Bono Law Firms

We continue to build a strong community of support from law firms of all sizes and specialize in all areas of the law. Every pro bono law firm that decides to team up with us begins by reviewing cases and preparing memorandums. There is an opportunity for every firm to collaborate on larger projects depending on our needs & the firm’s desired commitment. If you are interested in learning how your firm can provide pro bono services, our team can get you started with a presentation on the issues related to wrongful convictions & the case review process.


We have a panel of licensed private investigators we use on a regular basis. In addition, retired police officers, sheriff’s deputies, parole and probation officers, and retired prison guards volunteer their time to conduct investigations on our behalf. Investigators can volunteer for a single investigation, or get more involved and take on an entire case (depending on experience). Please click the link below and complete the form.