Jason Guzman

Jason Guzman was wrongly convicted of a shooting based on an eyewitness misidentification. We now know the true perpetrator and The Innocence Center is working to prove his innocence in court.

Raymundo Chagolla

Raymundo Chagolla in prison photo

Raymundo Chagolla was wrongfully convicted in part because the government did not share information pointing to his innocence. He continues to fight for his freedom.

Jermaine Smothers

Jermaine Smothers moments after walking out of prison

Jermaine Smothers was wrongly convicted of a shooting in San Diego. While incarcerated, evidence came to light pointing to the true perpetrator. Smothers was released on parole in 2023.

Guy Miles

Guy Miles stands with his mom shortly after his release from prison.

Guy Miles was wrongly convicted of a robbery after eyewitnesses wrongly identified him. The three true perpetrators ultimately admitted to committing the crime and they exculpated Guy Miles in the process.

Luis Vargas

Luis Vargas hugs his wife at an event after his release.

Luis Vargas was wrongly convicted of multiple sexual assaults based on eyewitness misidentification. He spent 16 years in prison before DNA evidence pointed to a 3rd party suspect.

Uriah Courtney

Uriah Courtney stands by the Imperial Beach pier after his release from prison.

Uriah Courtney was wrongly convicted of sexual assault after being misidentified by witnesses and the victim. DNA testing proved Uriah’s innocence and pointed to a 3rd party suspect.

Alexander Torres

Alexander Torres stands outside the LA Superior Court with Audrey McGinn

Alexander Torres was wrongly convicted of murder. The true perpetrators later confessed and the confession helped to exonerate Torres after more than two decades in prison.

Marilyn Mulero

Marilyn Mulero and Justin Brooks after her release from prison

Marilyn Mulero was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to death on a plea deal. Mulero’s case involved disgraced Chicago Detective Reynaldo Guevara, who, to date, has been personally responsible for dozens of wrongful convictions.

Alan Gimenez

Alan Gimenez stands behind his wife, Diana.

Alan Gimenez was wrongly convicted of the death of his child under the flawed forensic theory of shaken baby syndrome. Alan was released on parole in 2015 and The Innocence Center continues to fight for his exoneration.

William Richards

William Richards dabs tears shortly after his release from prison

William Richards was wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife based on the now-debunked forensic discipline of bitemark evidence. He spent 23 years in prison before his release in 2016.